Cherry Haze – H4CBD Flower


  • CBD hemp flowers from greenhouse cultivation
  • Not synthetically produced
  • CBD content 20 – 22
  • H4CBD content 20 – 25
  • THC content under 0,2
  • Shipping from Europe
  • EU certified commercial hemp varietieses
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Elevate Your Experience with Cherry Haze H4CBD Flower

Bursting with Flavor

Our Cherry Haze H4CBD Flower features a unique blend of cherry sweetness and subtle earthy undertones. Each puff is like a stroll through a cherry orchard, elevating your senses and your mood.

Top-Shelf Quality

Grown under controlled conditions and rigorously tested for purity, our Cherry Haze flower meets the highest quality standards. No pesticides, no heavy metals—just premium CBD you can trust.

Versatile Consumption Options

Whether you prefer rolling it up or using a pipe, the Cherry Haze H4CBD Flower offers you a variety of consumption methods to suit your lifestyle. Its finely ground texture ensures an even burn and smooth experience.

Unlock the Benefits

Experience relief from stress, anxiety, and pain with our high-quality Cherry Haze flower. This CBD-rich strain can offer you relaxation without intoxication, keeping you clear-headed and focused.

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