H4CBD Cartridge – Blue Berry


  • 1ml – 2ml cartridges
  • H4CBD 80% + 10% HHC-O + 10% terpenes
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Relish the Fruity Bliss of Blue Berry H4CBD Cartridge

Juicy and Tart Flavor

Infused with the classic flavors of fresh blueberries, this cartridge gives you a delightful blend that’s both tart and sweet.

Quality Guaranteed

Each Blue Berry H4CBD Cartridge undergoes stringent third-party testing to ensure you’re getting a product free of impurities.

Easy Vaping Experience

Compatible with most 510 thread vape pens, the Blue Berry cartridge promises an effortless and enjoyable vaping experience.

Health and Well-Being

Benefit from the stress-relieving and calming effects of CBD, now enhanced by the delicious flavor of Blue Berry.

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1ml, 2ml


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