HHC Cartridge – Mango


  • Not synthetically manufactured
  • HHC content:92%
  • Terpenes: 8%
  • Content: 1ml/2ml HHC
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Dive into a Tropical Escape with Mango HHC Cartridges

Sumptuous Mango Bliss

Let our Mango HHC Cartridge transport you to a tropical paradise with its sweet and succulent mango flavors. Every puff is like biting into a ripe mango, bringing a burst of sunshine to your day.

Purity at its Best

We believe in transparency and quality. That’s why our cartridges undergo stringent third-party testing. Our Mango HHC is derived from high-quality sources, ensuring a product free of pesticides, heavy metals, and any harmful contaminants.

User-Friendly Experience

Designed for vapers of all levels, our Mango HHC Cartridge is compatible with most 510 thread vape devices. The pre-filled cartridge promises a mess-free, simple, and satisfying vaping session every time.

The Wonders of HHC

HHC offers a unique and beneficial experience, giving users a feeling of calm and relaxation without any psychoactive effects. Our Mango blend combines the therapeutic effects of HHC with a delightful flavor, enhancing your wellness journey.

Choose our Mango HHC Cartridge and let the flavors of the tropics elevate your vaping experience to new heights.

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1ml, 2ml


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