HHC-O distillate 96%


  • Highly concentrated distillate with 96% purity
  • Versatile for various applications
  • Long lasting and powerful effect
  • Premium quality and careful production
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HHC-O Distillate 96%: The Essence of Purity

Immerse yourself in the world of HHC-O Distillate, boasting an impressive purity level of 96%. This premium product promises a unique experience, transporting you into a state of absolute purity and relaxation.

The Magic of HHC-O Distillate 96%:

Experience the fascinating magic of the HHC-O Distillate with a purity level of 96%. Through an advanced process, we isolate HHC in its purest form, a highly concentrated mass with an unparalleled degree of purity.

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