THC-P Pre Roll OG Kush


  • CBD hemp flowers from indoor cultivation
  • Not synthetically manufactured
  • CBD content 24 – 27%
  • THC-P content 10 – 13%
  • THC content: 0.2%
  • Pre-rolled and pure
  • About 1 g per incense stick
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THC-P Pre-Rolled / Joint – OG Kush: A Symphony of Flavor and Relaxation

Unveiling Cannabuben’s artisanal offering, the Pre-Rolled Incense x OG Kush, which gracefully combines the nuanced notes of CBD flowers with the potent profile of THC-P flowers. Widely revered by both aficionados and cultivators, this strain showcases the best of two worlds, now available in an elegantly pre-rolled form. Dive into the world of THC-P with our meticulously crafted sticks.

Cannabuben’s Commitment to Excellence:

  1. Distinctive Aroma & Flavor: OG Kush is renowned for its rich, earthy undertones complemented by a hint of fruitiness. This unique aroma is further enhanced by the delicate infusion of CBD and THC-P, creating a flavor profile that is both bold and harmonious.
  2. A Pledge of Purity: Every stem, every leaf, every flower—our dedication is unwavering. Adhering to stringent standards, we ensure that our CBD and THC-P flowers are ethically sourced. Every step from sowing to harvesting is carried out without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. This guarantees the true essence of the hemp plant in each roll.
  3. Freshness Sealed Within: Beyond the purity and quality, what makes our pre-rolls stand out is their freshness. Each roll is a testament to our commitment to delivering a product that resonates with nature’s rhythm.
  4. Compliance & Safety: Ensuring adherence to regulations, our offerings are strictly within the EU-certified guidelines, containing a THC content well below the 0.2% mark. While they serve as a rich aromatic experience, it’s imperative to note that they are crafted for cosmetic purposes and are not designed for consumption.

In Conclusion:

The Pre-Rolled Incense x OG Kush encapsulates the spirit of Cannabuben—where nature’s raw beauty meets human craftsmanship. Each stick is a journey, a story, a moment to pause and appreciate the symphony of nature. Experience the distinction with Cannabuben today.


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