Kratom / HHC-P Pre-Rolled / Joint – Orange Bud


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HHC-P Pre-Rolled Joints / Incense Sticks x Orange Bud Discover the Power of Kratom

Unleashing the Essence of Kratom: Kratom is a marvel of nature, celebrated for its energizing properties. Our Kratom-HHC-P Pre-Rolled Joint infused with Orange Bud is crafted meticulously with premium herbs, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience. The soothing attributes of Kratom combined with the refreshing citrus scent of Orange Bud deliver a distinctive sensation of tranquillity and vigor.

HHC-P Pre-Rolled: Simplicity Meets Quality: The HHC-P Pre-Rolled Joint is designed for immediate enjoyment. We use only the finest materials to ensure each puff is a delightful experience. The quality of HHC-P promises a uniform burn and a rich flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. With our pre-rolled joint, you’re moments away from a relaxing escape.

Orange Bud: A Taste Sensation: The addition of Orange Bud brings a hint of citrus freshness, invigorating your senses. The exquisite blend of Kratom and Orange Bud provides an aromatherapy experience that pampers both the body and mind. Indulge in this unparalleled delight and discover why our Kratom / HHC-P Pre-Rolled Joint – Orange Bud should be your top choice.

Contents of Pre-Rolled Joints / Incense Sticks x Orange Bud:

  • Indoor-grown CBD Hemp Flowers.
  • Not synthetically produced.
  • CBD Content: 15 – 17%.
  • HHC-P Content: 15 – 20%.
  • Kratom Golden Bali.
  • Pre-rolled and pure.
  • Approximately 1g per incense stick.

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