Kratom / HHC Pre-Rolled / Joint – Gelato

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Kratom / HHC Pre-Rolled Joints – Gelato Flavor

Natural Relaxation with Kratom:

Kratom is a marvelous natural remedy renowned for promoting relaxation and well-being. Our Kratom / HHC Pre-Rolled Joints, in the Gelato flavor, are meticulously crafted from the finest Kratom leaves. These joints are perfect for winding down after a hectic day or simply savoring a tranquil moment.

Pure Indulgence: Gelato Flavor

The Gelato Flavor promises a unique taste sensation for the palate. Our joints are infused with a hint of Gelato, delivering a rich and creamy experience. The fusion of Kratom with the sweet notes of Gelato ensures that each puff is an unforgettable journey.

Premium Quality: HHC Pre-Rolled Joints

Our HHC Pre-Rolled Joints are handmade, ensuring meticulous packaging for preserved freshness and unmatched quality. The blend of Kratom and HHC takes relaxation to a novel height. Experience the quality and flavor exclusive to our joints.

Contents of Pre-Rolled Joints x Gelato:

  • Indoor-grown CBD Hemp Flowers.
  • Not synthetically produced.
  • CBD Content: 23-25%.
  • HHC Content: 25-30%.
  • Kratom Golden Bali.
  • Pre-rolled and pure.
  • Approximately 1g per joint.

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