Purple Kush x THCJD


Characteristics of CBD hemp flowers from outdoor cultivation:
CBD hemp flowers from outdoor cultivation
Not synthetically produced
CBD content 12 – 14
THCJD content 40 – 45
THC content below 0.2
Shipping from Europe
EU-certified industrial hemp varieties

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Discover the Elegance of Purple Kush CBD: A New Era in Hemp Cultivation

Introduction to Purple Kush CBD with THCJD

In the world of premium CBD strains, the introduction of Purple Kush CBD with THCJD marks a monumental milestone. Renowned for its lineage, stemming from the majestic Hindu Kush and the vibrant Purple Afghani, Purple Kush has long been a coveted strain among connoisseurs in the United States. Now, this illustrious variety makes its grand debut in Europe, bringing with it an unparalleled beauty and quality that sets new standards in the hemp industry.

The Exquisite Characteristics of Purple Kush CBD Flowers

Our meticulously cultivated Purple Kush CBD flowers exhibit a CBD content ranging from 12% to 14%, enchanting users with their piney flavor profile accentuated by subtle peppery hints. These flowers are characterized by their dense growth and a unique purple hue, beautifully complemented by abundant orange pistils. The striking appearance and fruity aroma of our Purple Kush CBD buds are immediate indicators of their exceptional quality—a claim further substantiated upon closer examination of the CBD crystals adorning each flower.

Ethical Cultivation Practices: A Pledge to Purity

Our commitment to excellence begins with our cultivation process. Grown outdoors, our Purple Kush CBD is nurtured without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, ensuring that the natural pine flavor of the CBD flowers shines through. Each flower is hand-harvested, ensuring that only the most aesthetically pleasing buds are selected. In the production of our THCJD offerings, we adhere strictly to using only pure THCJD distillates, emphasizing our dedication to quality and purity.

Cannabuben’s Quality Promise: Beyond Expectations

At Cannabuben, we strive to consistently surpass the expectations of our customers by adhering to an elevated standard of quality. We source our products exclusively from growers who share our philosophy of eschewing pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers in favor of natural cultivation methods that enhance the hemp plant’s inherent flavors. Freshness is also a cornerstone of our quality commitment, prompting us to source the majority of our CBD flowers directly from trusted producers. Our packaging in resealable baggies ensures that our products reach you in the freshest possible condition.


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