Skywalker OG – CBD Flower


  • CBD hemp flowers from outdoor cultivation
  • CBD content 16 – 18%
  • THC content below 0.2%
  • Shipping from Europe
  • EU-certified industrial hemp varieties
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Skywalker OG CBD Flowers

Discover our Skywalker OG CBD strain

The original “Skywalker OG” hails from the West Coast and has been one of the most popular cannabis strains for years due to its enormous potency combined with medicinal uses. Awareness and demand for this premium variety has recently increased in Europe as well.

Description of the Skywalker OG CBD flowers

Our expertly bred CBD “Skywalker OG” has a CBD content between 16.00% and 18.00% and can also convince with its spicy herbal notes and diesel smell. Our “Skywalker OG” CBD flowers can be described as densely grown and the juicy green color makes these CBD flowers particularly popular. Furthermore, our Skywalker OG CBD flowers have a lot of CBD crystals.

Production of CBD Skywalker OG

Our “Skywalker OG” CBD flowers come from indoor cultivation, in which the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals was deliberately avoided. This perfectly brings out the herbal note characteristic of CBD flowers. All Skywalker OG CBD flowers are harvested and handpicked, which means that beautiful buds can score extra points for their looks.

The cannabuben quality promise

In order to be able to inspire our customers again and again with the special quality that can only be bought from Cannabuben, we work with a particularly high quality standard. We only source from growers who refrain from using pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers during cultivation in order to optimally bring out the aromas contained in the hemp plant. In addition to quality, we also attach great importance to the freshness of our products. That’s why we buy the majority of our CBD flowers directly from growers we trust and pack them in resealable baggies.

So that we and our customers are always on the safe side, our shop only contains EU-certified varieties with a THC content below 0.2%, which are used exclusively as raw materials for the production of cosmetics and are not intended for consumption or ingestion.

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