THC-P Pre Roll Dynamit


  • CBD hemp flowers from indoor cultivation
  • Not synthetically manufactured
  • CBD content: 23-25%
  • THC-P content: 10-15%
  • Pre-rolled and pure
  • About 1 g per incense stick
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Ignite Your Senses with Dynamit THC-P Preroll

A Flavor Explosion

Dynamit THC-P Prerolls are not just any smokes; they’re a taste sensation. Crafted to deliver a robust blend of herbal, fruity, and piney notes, every puff is a burst of flavor that enlivens the palate.

Exceptional Potency

Each preroll is packed with THC-P, a unique cannabinoid known for its intense effects and high potency. Get ready for an unforgettable psychoactive journey that’s both uplifting and relaxing.

Ready to Light, Ready to Enjoy

Convenience is key. Our Dynamit THC-P Prerolls come ready-to-smoke, eliminating the need for grinders, papers, or rolling skills. Perfect for on-the-go lifestyles or for those moments when you simply want to light up and unwind.

A Different Kind of High

THC-P is acclaimed for offering a distinct high, unlike its THC counterpart. Experience a smoother, more nuanced sense of euphoria and relaxation that lasts longer and feels deeper.

Elevate your smoking experience to the next level with Dynamit THC-P Prerolls. Light one up, and let the fireworks begin.


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