TP Cartridge – Lemon Haze


  • H4CBD: 40%
  • CBD: 25%
  • THC-P: 10%
  • CBN: 10%
  • CBG: 10%
  • Terpene: 5%
  • THC Geahlt: 0%
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Savor the Delicious Taste of Lemon Haze with the THC-P Cartridge

Immerse yourself in a delectable flavor experience with the THC-P Cartridge – Lemon Haze. This unique cartridge marries the delicate taste of lemons with the potent effects of THC-P. Enjoy moments of relaxation and indulgence with this high-quality THC-P cartridge.

Delicate Flavor and Pleasant Aroma

The THC-P Cartridge – Lemon Haze spoils your palate with a delicate taste and a pleasant aroma. Each puff from the cartridge unfolds the full aroma of lemons, accompanied by a pleasing sweetness. The harmonious blend of earthy and sweet notes immerses you in a world of pleasure, ensuring an extraordinary vaping experience.

Easy Use and High Quality

The THC-P Cartridge – Lemon Haze wins you over not only with its delicate taste and pleasant aroma but also with its ease of use and high quality. The cartridge is compatible with most commercially available vaporizers, affording you a hassle-free vaping experience. Each cartridge is crafted with great care and contains high-quality THC-P extract, guaranteeing you safe and top-notch vaping.

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