TP Cartridge – Starter Kit

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  • H4CBD: 40%
  • CBD: 25%
  • THC-P: 10%
  • CBN: 10%
  • CBG: 10%
  • Terpene: 5%
  • THC Geahlt: 0%
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THC-P Cartridge Starter Kit: The Ultimate Vaping Experience

Discover the THC-P Cartridge Starter Kit and immerse yourself in the ultimate vaping experience. This kit includes everything you need for a smooth start, featuring a cartridge and a vape battery.

The Magic of the THC-P Cartridge Starter Kit:

The THC-P Cartridge Starter Kit offers you the perfect combination for an unparalleled vaping experience. The high-quality cartridge contains THC-P distillate, unmatched in its purity and quality. The powerful vape battery ensures consistent vaporization and pleasant vapor production.

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Blue Berry, Cookies Kush, Strawberry Cough


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