TP Vapes – Blueberry


  • H4CBD: 40%
  • CBD: 25%
  • THC-P: 10%
  • CBN: 10%
  • CBG: 10%
  • Terpenes: 5%
  • THC : 0%
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THC-P Vapes – Blueberry by Cannabuben

Discover an intense flavor journey with the THC-P Vapes – Blueberry. These unique vape cartridges combine the potent effects of THC-P with the delicious taste of succulent blueberries. Immerse yourself in a world of indulgence and relaxation with these top-tier THC-P vapes.

Intense Effect and Rich Flavor

The THC-P Vapes – Blueberry provide you with an intense effect and a rich flavor. Each puff from the vape cartridge is accompanied by a powerful blueberry taste that indulges your senses. The rich aroma gently unfolds in your mouth, allowing you to experience the full flavor spectrum of juicy blueberries. Simultaneously, you enjoy the potent effects of THC-P, which soothe both body and mind.

Ease of Use and Superior Quality

The THC-P Vapes – Blueberry stand out for their ease of use and high quality. The vape cartridges are simple to handle and compatible with most commercially available vaporizers. Each cartridge is crafted with meticulous care and contains a high-quality THC-P extract, ensuring a safe and premium vaping experience. Enjoy the convenience and quality of these vapes while surrendering yourself to the delightful blueberry flavor.

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